The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Monday, June 27, 2011

Time Out for Women's World Cup

We arrived back in Brewerton, NY this evening after a week on the west coast.  Although we are anxious to get back on the loop, we have to take a time out tomorrow.  For you see, the US Women's National Soccer Team begins competition in Germany Tuesday.  Those of you who have known us know that in a previous life we donated an awful lot of time to women's soccer with our daughter Carla and her team.  Well, after a great college soccer experience, CJ is now teaching school and most of her other teammates have moved into career mode after playing for universities around the country.  But two of "our girls" made it to the big show.  Stephanie Cox (formerly Lopez) and Megan Rapinoe, two of Carla's teammates for some five years, are in Germany representing the United States in soccer's biggest showcase, the Women's World Cup.

Now when I say, "our girls", I really mean it.  This team became very close and Carrie became "Mamma Carrie" and I "Papa Frank" to them through those wonderful late teen years all parents are glad to be over.  Carrie and I travelled with them around the country, often with only one or two other parents, our coach, and 15-18 (usually) awesome girls.  They were all excellent players.  But Stephanie and Megan were something magic to watch, even then.  Stephanie anchored the defense and Megan scored goals.  That simple.  They still do that today, although on the world stage.  They are amazing athletes and are also two of the nicest young ladies, from the most down to earth families you will ever meet. 

So, tomorrow, Tuesday, 11:45 AM Eastern Time, Mamma Carrie and Papa Frank will be in a sports bar in upstate New York cheering on our girls.  If we were not on the loop, we would be with them and their families in Germany, and it is killing us to be so far from the action. 

Give 'em hell ladies...

Megan Rapinoe-outside midfielder

Stephanie Cox-defender

left to right:  Rachael Rapinoe (Megan's twin), our daughter Carla, Megan Rapinoe and Stephanie Lopez (now Cox) on my son Leo's quad.  Soccer coaches all over the country would have been shaking if they had seen the way these four (all together of course) were riding this on our property in the mud.   

Rachael, Carla, Megan and Stephanie.  Sisters for life.

We love you guys!

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