The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Friday, April 8, 2011

The People You Meet, Part II

Back when I first started writing about our adventure I mentioned that almost every Looper we have ever spoken to who had done the Loop said, "The best thing about the Loop is the amazing people you meet along the way".  Early on, I told you the story of Kymble and Judy, who we met on our first day in Florida.  The second installment about great folks comes from another unexpected source.

From the minute we met Tom and Elaine, the sellers of "Boundless" (soon to become "Once Around"), we hit it off completely.  Tom and I shared the constuction industry, community banking, good taste in first mates and obviously boating.  They have been amazing throughout the process, but most of all since the sale was completed, helping me sell the dinghy, taking the boat to the boatyard and basically being an extension of us as we tried to ready the boat for the Loop from California.  Tom has loaned me all the charts for the great lakes and sat with me for hours talking about various highlights of their trip, encouraging us to go here or there.

To imagine that we could become friends seems impossible, but these are truly special people.  Today we received the photo and note below it from Elaine.  Perhaps it illustrates what I mean better than I can say:

Dear Carrie and Frank,

You are about to embark on an adventure of  a lifetime that only a few dare to experience, the Great American Loop!  Everyday will bring amazing things into your life, wonderfully kind people, nature in all her glory, incredible sights and personal accomplishments.  You will fall in love again with yourself, with your mate and with all that you hold dear.

You will encounter mountains of pink granite in the Benjamin's, a great restaurant only accessible by water, the grand lighthouse of Mackinaw Island, exquisite gold courses in Northern Michigan, the thrill of floating thru downtown Chicago, the best cheesebhurger at Alton, Illinois Fast Eddit Bonaire, the magic of Wal-Mart and laundromats, and the most romantic place on earth, Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys.  You will discover places with the clearest water you could ever imagine and places so quiet that you can actually hear yourself think.

All along the way, "Boundless" will carry you wherever you ask her and she will do so safely and in style.  As you arrive into each port of call aboard this majestic vessel with her elegant navy hull, you will be met with those in awe of her beauty and inspired by your adventure that many dream about but only a few will experience.

In the refrigerator on you new home, you will find a bottle of wine.  We invite you to raise your glass upon your departure and with us in spirit, make a toast to an adventure of a lifetime.  As your trip comes to end and you cross your wake, you will both look at each other and say, "That was one helluva trip, let's do it again!!!"

                                                                               God Speed -
                                                                                        Elaine & Tom

We understand that Tom and Elaine have already chosen their next "Boundless", and the deal is to close in the next week or so.  They plan to cruise this year to the northeast.  We hope to cross paths somewhere along the eastern seaboard.  We wish them calm seas and good cruising.

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