The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Ju-Ju Dance

Ever since we purchased the new boat, my bride hase been adamant we follow the particular ritual for re-naming a boat.  A month ago, she began referring to this ritual as the "Ju-Ju Dance" (in typical Jones fashion where "Ju-Ju" has asolutely nothing to do with the whole thing).  Now, I have purchsed a couple of boats in my life and re-named each one without any fanfare, nor any unusual calamity.  However, Carrie researched the proper way to do this and once you know the superstition, well, you just don't want to take any unnecessary chances, right?

It seems that since time immemorial sailors have petitioned the god(s), be that Neptune (Roman) or Poseiden (Greek, and my favorite) to log the name of every new ship to sail the high seas and to pray for it's good fortune.  Likewise, to re-name a boat, legend has it that you need to first petition Poseidon to first remove the old boat name from his log and then to add the new name.

Somewhere (thank you Google) Carrie found the proper procedure for doing this and was insistant we follow it to the letter.  Arriving ahead of her this week, Leo and I were instructed to remove any reference to "Boundless" from the boat; not only the name on the transom, but key chains, owner's manuals, coffee cups...anything.  OK, fine, done.  Only then could the new name be applied.

Today, we finished the ritual, imploring Poseidon and Neptune (OK, I'm Italian, so I can't ignore the Roman god) to remove "Boundless" and add "Once Around" to his log of the ships of the sea and ask for his protection for all who sail on her.  It involved Champagne (a good thing), although some of it got spent on pouring overboard (for the gods enjoyment, of course), and when all was said and done, well, it was done.  And the Admiral was happy.

Here's me opening the Champagne

And here's Carrie wasting...err...offering it to the gods.

 "Once Around" is official.

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