The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Myrtle Beach, SC to Southport, NC

The high Winds did not keep us in Georgetown, but they did cause us to alter our plans some.  We skipped anchooring out and made the run straight to Myrtle Beach on Monday the 23rd.  This was a 47 mile cruise, and we passed through the Waccamaw River, which my First Mate and I agreed, was one of the most beautiful stretches of the ICW we have seen.  We stopped for fuel and lunch at the Wacca Wache Marina.  They had decent fuel prices for Valve Tec diesel and an even better burger at “Hanna Banana’s” right there on their dock.
Cruising on the Waccamaw... high tide!
We pulled into the Marina at Grand Dunes in Myrtle Beach fairly late in the afternoon.  Matt was both dock hand and marina manager, and he was very helpful in both roles.
The Admiral was pretty excited about getting the new chair on board we had ordered six weeks ago in Fort Lauderdale.  It had been shipped to Julaine’s (Boreas’ Admiral's) aunt and uncles’s (Bonnie and Neal) home in Sunset Beach, about 25 miles away.  We were not sure just how we were going to get it to the boat.  Matt had actually offered to run down and get it the next morning on his way to work.  Now, that is above and beyond.  Turned out, Julaine’s family already had it loaded in their van, and it was on the way to the boat that day.  My Admiral was beyond excited.
Fred and I ponder the problem...
...and with Neal's help get the chair on board... the Admiral wasn't the only one happy!
When I asked Matt if he had any way I could dispose of the old chair, he told me to leave it on the dock next to my boat.  Sure enough, the next morning it was gone!
Neal and Bonnie retired to South Carolina ten years ago, but you wouldn’t know Neal is retired.  He works part time for two non-profits, a museum and a planetarium, both of which we got private tours of courtesy of Neal.  That was followed by a home cooked meal at their home.  Bonnie is a good cook, and we left there with full tummies.  She also gave Julaine some of the best chocolate chip cookies we’ve had on the Loop, which Julaine generously shared with us! 
On Wednesday we cruised north passing into North Carolina.  Neal was aboard Boreas for the ride, and Bonnie drove the route as we made 50 miles up to Southport, NC.  We are staying at the Southport Marina, a nice facility just on the edge of town.  The Admiral and I walked to the Post Office to mail some business papers home and met Jan and Rusty from cbay along the way.  They joined Carrie and I on Once Around later for cocktails.  The Boreas crew and their guests went into town for dinner, but the Admiral and I were tired and decided to lay low on the boat for the evening.
This gondola takes golfers to a tee on the other side of the ICW

The house of the day...
The most "overdone" house we saw.  The Admiral disqualified it.
My First Mate got nostalgic when we passed Barefoot Marina.  It was here 2 years ago we flew in for our first AGLCA Rondezvous. 
My First Mate saw this sign and wondered what gets measured???
Thursday our plan was to take the big boats over to Bald Head Island, only a very short hop.  Again the wind gods had other ideas.  The blustery wind is coming from the southwest, which is the exact wrong direction if you intend to go into the inlet at Bald Head.  Our backup plan was to take the ferry over there, but the ferry boards about two miles from here, and we have not yet found ground transportation to get there.  To be honest, the wind is blowing so hard I am not sure we really will be going anywhere.  The Admiral is blaming the wind for a sinus headache she is suffering and that will not improve if we spend the day out in the elements.
So, we are doing boat chores and catching up on the blog…

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