The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Saturday, November 19, 2011

They Did It!

When they hadn’t hauled Once Around out by noon on Friday I was pretty bummed.  But, by 12:45 she was in the air and had workers swarmed over and under her.  Two guys worked on removing the old transducer for the existing depth finder and replacing it with a new one, and also adding another transducer for a second depth finder.  That gives us “redundancy” which is an important sounding way to say, “a back-up system”. 
Out she comes...again,
but you've seen Once Around in a sling from the boatyard before...

...but here's the boatyard from Once Around while in the sling...

...and another shot

A carpenter they called “Chopper” (honest, I couldn’t make this stuff up) cut the holes in the teak dash downstairs and the fiberglass helm upstairs, while Bryson ran the cabling.  We went back in the water at about 4:00 Friday afternoon, and I was told they would finish up the final connections and dial the system in on Saturday morning.
Bryson running cables through a chase in the salon
left to right:  "Chopper", Gary and Bryson at the lower helm
Back to my assigned spot on the dock I went, while Chopper was still cutting holes.  He and I had a great conversation about restoring 1950’s vintage Ford pickups.  I had done one; he had done six or seven.  He even tried to sell me one but I told him one vintage truck was plenty for me, how would he like to buy my spare boat in California?   No thanks.  But we parted friends.
A few minutes later I was surprised to see Gary and his boss, “Britt the electronics guy” come down the dock tools in hand.  They had decided to finish up Friday after all.  By 6:00 PM we were relaxing over a cold beer and talking…boats of course (also maybe stock cars, U of Alabama football, and Southern foods, all three of which I knew almost nothing about…but do now).  When they left Once Around had not one but two depth finders at each helm and a happy if somewhat poorer owner. 
Lower helm

Upper helm

Many thanks to the excellent crew at Dog River Marina.

Now I better get this boat cleaned up before the Admiral gets back!


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