The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Friday, March 4, 2011

Glossary of Boating Terms (Unofficial)

OK, if you are going to be a regular reader of this blog, you will need to understand some nautical and not so nautical terms, so here goes (in no particular order):
Boat-a wood (or fiberglass) hole in the water into which you pour money
BOAT-an acronym for Break Out Another Thousand
West Marine-place you almost always BOAT
Boatyard-place for making boat repairs and BOAT becomes BOATT
Yacht-a boat that makes its own ice
Skipper-that’s me.  Captain works too, but that somehow belittles those professionals who actually know what they are doing.  Gilligan is arguably more appropriate than Captain…so, we'll go with Skipper.
First Mate-my beautiful wife, Carrie, when she is handling lines, fenders, boat hooks or otherwise assisting in docking, locking or whatever.
Admiral-my beautiful wife, Carrie, when she is doing anything else, like making decisions, navigating or giving orders to the Skipper.
Mary Ann-my beautiful wife, Carrie, in her normal small town persona, named after Mary Ann on Gilligan’s Island.
Mrs. Howell aka "Lovey"-my beautiful wife, Carrie, in another persona, which appears very infrequently, but quite believably.
Ginger-my beautiful wife, Carrie, in my favorite of her personas…you get the point!
Port-a great wine from Portugal…no wait…there’s something else…oh yeah, the left side of the boat when facing forward; also a safe harbor
Starboard-the right side of the boat as you are facing forward in it
Fore-forward in the boat; a common (for me) golfing term as well
Aft-towards the rear of the boat
Bow- the front of the boat; also what you do when you do not destroy anything while docking
Stern-the back of the boat; also the voice of the Admiral
Helm-where you drive the boat from
Fly Bridge-upper deck with second helm
Cockpit-the deck area at water level aft
Transom-the wall at the stern between the cockpit and the swimstep
Swimstep-the walk space behind the transom
Bilge-engine room on the boat, often low, crowded, noisy and hot
Bilge Rat-the one elected to go down to the bilge to check fluids, bail water, or clean up the mess
Dinghy or Tender-small inflatable boat with outboard motor carried on larger vessel
Galley-the boat’s kitchen
Galley Slave-whoever is doing the cooking or cleanup; yes, the Skipper takes his turn…sometimes
Head-the boat’s bathroom or toilet; also, according to one President, a reference to not having sex…
Knot-Nautical Mile, 1.1 statute miles!
Chart-map of waterways, but they are charts, not maps
Lines-look a lot like ropes, used for tying boat to docks, etc…but, they are lines, not ropes!
Rode-anchor line
Windlass-small but powerful motor for raising and lowering anchor
Fender-padded rubber pieces used to keep boats from rubbing against docks or each other…and they are fenders, not buoys!
Buoy-a floating aid to navigation or marker
Looper-member of America’s Great Loop Cruiser’s Association (AGLCA) who is doing, planning on doing, or has done the Great Loop.
ICW-Intra-Coastal Waterway which runs from Miami to Cape May, NJ on the Atlantic as well as from Texas to Central Florida on the Gulf.

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