The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Happy! Happy! Happy!

We wound up our time in Annapolis with Ben and I making a return trip to the Naval Academy to go through the Naval War of 1812 Exhibit and the Academy Museum.  Both were interesting and deserved a lot more time than the couple of hours we had alloted.  The girls were on a "retail therapy" tour of downtown and we met them for lunch at Cafe Normandie, where we all relaxed and enjoyed an excellent meal.

The next day we left Annapolis for our next stop, an anchorage off the Magothy River, just south of Baltimore.  The following two photos are the view as we waved goodbye to Annapolis.

We arrived at the anchorage and had a view of a beautiful horse ranch as we relaxed...

Of course, the kids couldn't wait to get into the water...


And it was only a few minutes before my Grandson Ben was jumping off the fly bridge!

He then did his best to coax Grand daughter Lia into doing it too.  He succeded once by holding hands and pulling her off when she didn't expect it...and that was it for her as far as the high jumping was concerned.  She told us she'd do it again when she was seven.  So I guess she's already planning her return trip next year.
 But that didn't stop her from swimming.  They were like fish for the two nights and days we enjoyed "On the Hook" together.

Grankdma takes a little time to help with a shampoo and rinse

The sunset here was spectacular
I think the kids would have liked to have stayed in this anchorage for a week, but after two nights we were off to Baltimore.  We waved good bye to Doug and Judy on Moonstruck who were headed for the other side of the Chesapeake while we finished up our time with the grandkids.
On the way into Baltimore we swung by the bouy that marks the spot where Francis Scott Key composed the Star Spangled Banner when he discovered it still waving after a ferocious bombardment of Fort McHenry by the British ships. 
Lia and Ben, with the bouy in the behind them and Baltimore in the background
The next day we toured Fort McHenry and looked out upon the bouy from the point of view of the Americans defending the town. 


We enjoyed the sites and sound of Baltimore for three days, including a trip to the National Aquarium.
We also took in a Baltimore Orioles Baseball game at Camden Yards.  Ben was thrilled when a guy in front of us caught a foul ball and handed it over to Ben to keep.  Pretty special.
Ben gets a Major League Baseball!
One of the things the kids (OK, me and Grandma too) enjoyed the most about Baltimore is the system of water taxis that take you around to various parts of the downtown and to Fort McHenry.
Carrie, Ben and Lia in one of many water taxi rides we enjoyed.

On Tuesday we packed up and flew with the kids home to Sacramento.  They had been away from their Mom and Dad for over two weeks and although there was never any sign of homesickness during their stay, they were excited to return.  Grandma and I were just happy to get them home in one piece.  We had packed a lot of stuff into those two weeks.  Everything from crabbing to baseball, shopping to swimming, and movies to museums.  All of us were tired.  But not one of us will ever forget this special time we shared.
Side note:  We've been home two days now and daughter Dina says the kids are still calling her "Grandma, oops, Mamma". 
We will return to Once Around next week and be joined by daughter Carla and her husband Evan.
As Grandpa Phil says on Duck Dynasty...the whole thing makes me..."Happy, Happy, Happy!"


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