The Motor Vessel "Once Around"

The Motor Vessel "Once Around"
The Motor Vessel "Once Around" in the Florida Keys

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Robbie and Flat Stanley

We had two visitors from Sacramento last week.  The first was planned; the second was kind of a surprise.
My buddy Rob had business in Oklahoma for a few days and planned to meet his wife Denise in Miami at the conclusion of his business trip, then drive down and spend a few days with us on Once Around in Key West.  Unfortunately, Denise got sick and the docs said she would risk blowing up her eardrums if she flew.  So, Robbie made the trip solo.  It was great to see my good friend, but we did miss Denise, and I know she was looking forward to Key West.  Hope she feels better soon.
Lucky for Rob, our seven year old grandson, Ben, just sent us “Flat Stanley” to keep Rob company.
Most of you probably have never heard of Flat Stanley.  Don’t feel bad, neither had we.  It seems "Flat Stanley" is a book (for 2nd graders) about a boy who wants to travel, but cannot afford a plane ticket.  He finally gets his wish after he is flattened to 1/4" by a falling bulletin board.  His mother can now mail him to his desired destination.

Yes, Flat Stanley was mailed to Once Around here in Key West.  Grandma Carrie and I are to show him around…and send back photos of Flat Stanley’s vacation!  Ben’s homework became ours!
Now truthfully, Flat Stanley is a great boat guest.  He is very quiet, eats nothing and sleeps anywhere.  Our only problem with Flat Stanley is he is not waterproof, and his arms are so skinny you have to be careful not to rip them off his body.  But that’s another story, huh Grandma Carrie?
Anyway, Flat Stanley and Rob had a great visit to Key West.  We did all the sights together:
Here's Flat Stanley with Rob at breakfast

We rode the Conch Train and Flat Stanley got to visit with the Engineer

The Conch Train

But he had to ride with Grandma Carrie

Flat Stanley at the Southernmost Point in the Continental USA!

We ate lunch at Blue Heaven, and Flat Stanley got to visit with the roosters there!

He even got to help me drive the dinghy...

...and met some members of the US Coast Guard

We did our best to show Flat Stanley all the good sites and sounds of Key West and introduce him to nothing but the finest folks.  However, there are a few pirates and pirate ships that operate out of Key West and Flat Stanley saw them on our dinghy ride. 

One of the pirates Flat Stanley saw!

Like most second graders, Flat Stanley seemed to like the pirates best!

Flat Stanley as he heads back home after a week in Key West, Florida!!!

We said goodbye to Rob on Monday (he had a pirate hat and patch too, but he was camera shy!).  Although Flat Stanley has remained with us for a few days longer, we need to mail him back to Ben soon.  I'm sure Ben has lots of other fun places to take him! 

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